Nashville Entertainment Photographer Burns his NIKON D 700 …….

” I have always said the most important thing about a camera is “Whats in front of it ” and “Who’s behind it”.  Its even more apparent today as Camera Phones are replacing DSLR’s as media and content is printed less and viewed more on mobile and electronic devices.

“It’s really become a joke lately everywhere you look someone is running around with a digital camera, they’re like opinions everybody has one. Owning a guitar doesn’t make you Eric Clapton, a guitar player or a songwriter. Instinct and Vision Make you an artist not gear. Just because you brush your teeth everyday, doesn’t make you a dentist! – Jimmy Stratton

Recently using only Phones, a Motorola Droid Razr , a Samsung G3 and a NOKIA 808, Stratton is making art, Painting with Phones. “Its like the first time I rode a Bicycle, It’s freedom from of all the Equipment I used to carry”.